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vitale highly purified medical grade II water



VITALE  Pure Hydrating Drinking Water for individual and health care needs


6 pack of vitale water bottles with carton

Vitale   Water was created to address the growing need for medical facilities to have access to a higher grade of pure water than bottled water or municipal water with which to meet patient needs on a daily or emergency basis.

Additionally, individuals who use medical devices at home to care for themselves find it critical to use highly purified water. These include individuals who require enteral feeding, renal care, CPAP machine use, and many other health care-related issues where pure water is critical to their health and wellness.


VITALE  Water is for all


Developed for those with health care needs and individuals who choose to maintain optimum health by hydrating their bodies with essential pure water.

Enteral Feeding

vitale for entreal feeding

CPAP Machines

vitale for cpap machine fill

Renal Patients

vitale water for renal patients

ANSI/AAMI 11663:2014
Reference ISO 13959

Microbiology Testing:

It meets the highest standards and methods for water purification according to world-wide standards, as follows:

  1. Trace Minerals ISO 17294-2-2003

  2. Nitrate Dimethylphenol Method 10206

  3. Sulphate USEPA Sulfa Ver4 Method 8051

  4. Fluoride USEPA SPANDS 2 Method 10225

  1. 21CFR1271

  2. USP 61 & 62 41 NF36 2018

  3. ISO 11737-1

  4. LAL Testing less than 0.06 EU/mL 

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