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Our Company

Puravai was founded upon our sincere desire to help individuals maintain their optimal health and wellness according to their desires and unique circumstances.

We accomplish our purpose by providing exceptionally pure water which will improve everyday health and wellness, aid in home health care treatment, aid in the recovery of clinical care patients or provide critical relief as a result of natural disasters or other life threatening emergencies.

You can trust Puravai Water products-- When Only the Purest Water Will Do™

Puravai  is pleased to offer two exceptionally pure, bottled water products. Whether you are concerned about having pure water in case of an emergency, have special health care needs or just want to drink exceptionally pure, hydrating water to optimize your health, you can count on Consano’s uniquely pure water to meet your needs.


Our Puravai Emergency Drinking Water brand is specifically purified and prepared to be shelf stable for long term in order to meet critical needs in an emergency. 


We offer these exceptional water products directly to consumers through our website. Businesses may purchase based on substantial quantity discounts and commercial resellers may purchase at wholesale pricing to make these unique products available to their own customers.


We look forward to serving you.


ThePuravai Water Team


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